Weilux Tennis Court Paints & More!!!
Tennis Court Paints & More!!!



Jakarta Tennis Academy incorporates a variety of coaching styles which we call Euro-American training. We do not believe there is one way to teach tennis, as individuals can vary mentally, physically, and emotionally. After 30+ years of coaching at all levels and learning from some of the world’s greatest coaches and players, I have a more complete understanding of when players need an aggressive style of game, when they need more rhythm drilling, and when they need a slightly different approach all together.

Aggressive style drills create an all-court type of player. These drills are based on earlier timing, less rotation, flatter hitting, and more neutral stances. Rhythm drilling utilizes open stances, more body rotation, and heavier spin. These drills are designed to create consistency and great defense. When individuals have unique circumstances, as coaches we have to be able to adapt to their needs. Whether it is a 6 year old, nationally ranked junior, regular club player, or a touring pro looking to adjust something in their game, our cooperative coaching style, adapts to that particular player.

We strongly believe that positive reinforcement, respect and encouragement are the ingredients to creating excellent players. We encourage creativity and fun, along with learning and training hard. We want to give students the opportunity to believe in themselves; develop good values, discipline and character.

Tennis is a complex sport where many variables are in play and need to be developed to become successful. These variables include grips variations, footwork, stroke biomechanics, tactics, strategies, fitness and psychological strength. Developing these variables at a young age is one of the main objectives at the Jakarta Tennis Academy. At Jakarta Tennis Academy, we help players  train, think & play to win, without the fear of negative consequences. The key is, no matter the result, constant learning. What can we learn from today to compete better tomorrow.