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Tennis Court Paints & More!!!
Weilux Tennis Court Paints & More!!!

Player Development
In order to truly develop as a player, you need to strive to train 20 hours per week, which includes everything on the training page. It may seem like a lot, but being any athlete, especially a student-athlete, takes a commitment to time management. The quality of your training can certainly reduce your time commitment as long as you feel you have accomplished the training guidelines below. 
Physical Skills: On Court and in the Gym
• Individualized training: speed, strength, endurance, power, flexibility and core stability. TIME NEEDED: 10-15 hours
Technical Skills: Drills

• Complete technical mastery as it relates to personal game-style.

• Multiple weapons

TIME NEEDED: 2 - 4 hours
Tactical skills: Match play
• Ability to adjust to opponent, court and environment
• Ability to impose personal tactics on opponent.
• Clearly defined game-style

TIME NEEDED: 2-6 hours
Mental Skills: Anywhere
• Self-responsibility and independence
• Motivation
• Distraction control
• Able to positively deal with stress.

Psychological Skills:

-Imagery skills & visualization techniques to anticipate and solve problems, prepare for matches, rehearse strokes and sequences, cope with difficulties, and reinforce positive performance.

-Create the ability to stay focused on goals and the task at hand, despite distractions. No excuses, just solutions

-Players must become aware of which things they can and cannot control.  Trying to control the uncontrollable leads to increased stress and frustration, as well as decreased levels of performance.


Intensity during practice

Amount of sleep


Having all racquets strung  

Showing up on time              


Teacher's actions

Opponent's line calls                       

Tournament draw
Broken string
The past

Please answer the following to better understand yourself and your game: