Weilux Tennis Court Paints & More!!!


Tennis Court Paints & More!!!
Weilux Tennis Court Paints & More!!!
  • Kat M., tennis mom, "Greg Munoz is the greatest tennis coach! He has coached my 15 year old son since he was 9 years old and turned him into an amazing player. My son is traveling from the USA to Indonesia this summer to train with Greg. I can not say enough wonderful things about him as a coach and mentor".
  • Patty K., club player "Unquestionably one of the finest tennis coaches/teachers in the field. He is meticulous, detailed, and caring in his approach. Whether teaching one-on-one, or coaching a team, Greg is patient and inclusive; his students and team members all receive the attention they require. From beginner to professional, players who are lucky enough to experience Greg's supervision and know-how will benefit immeasurably. He really is that good"!
  • Ulrik T., ITF #168, "I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Greg for 4 years. Greg is the best coach I have ever had and he was instrumental in my development, both on and off the court. Throughout my 4 years at GWU, i improved in both singles and doubles and became stronger mentally through his guidance".
  • ​Julius T., ITF #88, ATP #1103, Davis Cup Player, Lithuania, "Greg is a great coach. I got to work with him at the George Washington University and he helped me to improve my singles and doubles game a lot, as well as prepare me mentally for the challenges at Division 1 college tennis. He is very enthusiastic about the work he does".
  • Alex van G., ITF #231, "Greg Munoz is an outstanding coach! I had the pleasure to work together with him for 3 years and throughout this period I have learned a lot on and off the court. He is a great person and I can definitely recommend him"!
  • Danil Z, ITF #83, ATP #1293, Davis Cup Player, Macedonia, Greg Munoz is an amazing coach that I had the pleasure of working with during my college career. I improved many aspects of my game that helped me become a more complete player and contribute to the success of the Men's Tennis Team at GWU. He is very good at making his players get out of their comfort zones in order to expand their potential and improve both on and off the court.
  • Teodora R., WTA #930, "Greg Munoz is one of the best coaches I've had a chance to work with! He is very enthusiastic, diligent, experienced and knowledgeable about tennis. I highly enjoyed working with him and I improved many aspects of my game during the two years he was coaching me. He helped me prepare well for the challenging environment of D1 college tennis".
  • Mimi K, club player, "Greg obviously excelled at helping great tennis players reach their top potential, as seen through the GW University team. However, he was also able to get a novice (me) to a solid intermediate level, so I can enjoy tennis for life. His teaching skills are outstanding and he's great fun too"!
  • Cahit K., ITF #180, ATP #1329, "Greg is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with! Great person, always motivated. He knows a lot about competitive tennis and he knows how to win. I enjoyed working with him at GW and I look forward to visiting the Academy soon".
  • Erik H., NCAA #29, doubles, Division I, "Greg is an excellent coach. At GWU, he developed me from a small freshman into a complete athlete, and turned me into the Student Athlete of the Year my senior year. He is very strong in building foundations. He spends a lot of time developing your physical traits, mental game, and character. After training with him for an extended period, you will begin to think of tennis differently, as your fitness and development of multiple shots will allow you to play very strategically. Your tennis game and confidence will improve greatly, but his coaching impacts life off the tennis court as well".
  • Headley B., club player, "Greg is an incredible tennis coach and a great guy. I've been lucky enough to train with him for the last several years and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game. Every player is different and Greg is exceptionally good at figuring out your strengths and weaknesses and then developing a program that pushes your game to the next level. I look forward to visiting the Academy soon"!
  • Viktor S., #6 ranked junior, Switzerland, "Greg is a great coach, whom I had the chance to work with for 4 years. He helped me improve many different aspects of my game in order for me to compete at a higher level, and is also a great friend and mentor off the court. I have a lot of respect for Greg and the work that he does on and off the court".
  • Paul S., club player, "Greg is the best tennis coach I ever had. My game reached a new level with added power and control after he worked with me on spin".
  • Chris F., Canadian National Doubles Champion, NCAA Ranked Doubles Player, "Greg is an amazing tennis coach, whom I had the opportunity to work with for 2 years. He really helped improve many aspects of my game from technical details to overall strategy in both singles and doubles, which has allowed me to improve and compete at a much higher level".
  • Chris R., #1 ranked junior, Portugal, "Greg Munoz is a great coach, and great person. I hugely enjoyed working with him as he helped improve my game in order to put me in a position to compete at a very high level"!
  • Emanuele de M., club player, "Greg is a great tennis coach! He helped me a lot for all the components of this beautiful sport: technique, tactics, athleticism, mental strength, etc".


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