Class Descriptions

Group classes will be divided by level.

BEGINNER RED BALL 8 & UNDER:  Through playing lots of tennis games, our young players become familiar with basic tennis fundamentals and tennis equipment, all while developing eye-hand coordination and movement skills. As students become more comfortable on the court,  they will develop their tennis fundamentals and strokes even more, in hopes to get them hitting a continuous rally over the net. They will being to obtain an understanding of the forehand & backhand groundstroke, and volleys, with proper technique.

ADVANCED RED BALL 8 & UNDER: This class is designed for students 8 & under who are looking to take their game to the next level by developing their serves and rally ball skills. 

Students in this class are training with expectations to begin or already play 8 & under tournament play.

BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE ORANGE BALL: AGES 12 & UNDER:  This class is for players who want to move to the next level, but are new to match play and may have limited tennis experience. Students will develop and focus on all strokes as well as serving, match play, rules, and fun team building exercises. Students will execute strokes and sustain a rally using forehand & backhand groundstrokes, and volleys. This class is also perfect for upper elementary aged players to start or brush up on the basics.  Instructors focus on building a solid foundation and cultivating a love of the game through strokes and fun, yet challenging games associated with tennis. As players improve consistency, more emphasis is placed on movement and match play.

ADVANCED GREEN BALL 10 & UNDER: Classes are designed for students age 10 & under who are looking to begin or already play green ball tournaments. This is the stepping stone to high performance yellow ball training. Emphasis will be on developing stronger, consistent serves, footwork, mental toughness and match strategies. 

BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE TENNIS 12 & OVER:Classes are designed for students who may have some experience and can hit a tossed ball consistently for serving or are over the age of 12. Players are expected to have knowledge of the basic strokes and are ready for the next level of play. Emphasis is also placed on moving and hitting. Teenagers who have little or no prior tennis experience will learn all the basic strokes as they develop enthusiasm for the game. Fitness and movement skills are also emphasized. 

ADVANCED TENNIS TRAINING: Students who are looking to begin tournament play will be challenged with advanced drills, movement, strategies and match play. This class used regular tennis ball and is open to all ages that can serve and have consistency with all of their strokes. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE TENNIS: This class is designed for those interested in training for tournaments and already have a national, ITF, WTA or ATP ranking. High intensity training will involve consistency, power, spin utilization, stroke efficiency, and match situation drills as well as a focus on footwork, strategy and mental toughness. Guidelines will be given to create a path for a top national ranking, ITF ranking, as well as collegiate and professional tennis. Strength & conditioning will play a vital role in this program.

TEAM TENNIS (Schools Program): Open to all levels. This is an opportunity for all levels to do fun drills working on match strategies and mental toughness. There will be some technical instruction but the focus is to become more comfortable playing matches. Social match play will be arranged with other clubs for those interested. This is a more affordable way for players, club teams, school teams to get high level coaching.